Week 15 Artist Inerview


This week, the piece that caught my eye was “His Extravagant Proposal” by artist Hyeri Kim. I really liked her piece because its about love, and I’m a real sucker for love. Hyeri Kim said that when it comes to your first love, there is nothing that you forget. You remember every feeling, every look. She compares your first love with that of God’s love because up until that point, it is the strongest thing you have felt. I really like the message of this piece because I really believe in love and all of it’s glory. I guess you can say i’m a helpless romantic. However, this is a religious peace and God’s love is the purest. This is where I cannot relate to the piece because I am not that much of a religious person. However, I still greatly enjoyed this piece.


Week 15 Student Interview

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 6.49.11 PM

Troy is a second year from San Diego majoring in Film, in hopes of directing commercials in the future. It was funny in the beginning because we couldn’t find a place to sit! We wondered around the different art galleries several times before finally settling on a rock in the courtyard. Troy played baseball in high school and is currently in NSU, which is a Japanese American club, which is ironic because I don’t think he is Japanese! But that’s alright. His favorite color is green and he enjoys listening to music that is on the radio. In his free time, he like to hang out with his friends and watching television for the commercials. Not like most people, who absolutely dread the commercial breaks in their favorite television programs. Troy is also in the Filipino club, also known as PAC, and I see him around sometimes at various events. I really liked interviewing Troy he is a very nice guy!

Week 13- Artist Interview

photo 2(8)photo 1(7)

This week, there was one particular gallery that really stuck out to me. I think I have to say that it’s my favorite gallery I have seen thus far! All of the small metal pieces were really cool and looked really intricate and difficult to create. This gallery, located in the Dutzi Gallery, was done by artist Brittnee Forline, and these metal works represent her own desire for a life fantasy. Brittnee said that she is inspired by fictional stories and and concepts of morality and history. When I looked at her pieces, I could tell where she drew her inspiration from, the pieces reminded me of old times and I could sense her want for fantasies and I overall really enjoyed this gallery.

Week 13- Student Interview

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This week, I interviewed second year Lindsey Karasawa. Lindsey is currently a commuter from Cypress attending California State University Long Beach majoring in nutritional dietetics. Lindsey chose Long Beach to stay close to home, but also was accepted into Pepperdine University! Lindsey has known what she has wanted to do since she was a little kid. She said that when she was in her early teens, she used to obsess over food and the various foods that could and could not be eaten. She admitted that it used to be a sort of an obsession, but as she grew older it become a healthy lifestyle. I wish I was like Lindsey and be fully aware of my passion! When Lindsey does not attend school, she is working. She says that she doesn’t really have time for other hobbies because she doesn’t have any time. She has two jobs. One job at an optometry office and one in another office, both jobs she files paperwork and other things like that. Lindsey has two younger siblings, she is the oldest. Just like myself! And like me, her and her sibling did not get along that well. But unlike me, now that they are older they get along really well. Lindsey was a really nice girl and I’m glad I got the opportunity to interview her!

Week 11- Teach One

origami star

This week, I want to teach my classmates how to do an origami star! I used to make these as a kid. There was an old Japanese story about a little girl who’s mom was suffering from cancer, and an old legend told a tale that 1,000 origami stars would make any wish come true. I really liked this story and even tried folding 1,000 of these stars. You do this by getting a one centimeter wide strip of paper. Tie a knot on the very end and fold the strip around the know until you reach the end of the strip. When there is only a small amount of paper at the end, fold the end into the paper and squeeze all 5 ends. And there is your star!

Week 11- Student

photo 1

This week, this certain piece caught my eye. It was by Timothy Cooper, but unfortunately, he was not there to be interviewed. This piece caught my eye because as you can tell from my other posts about art, I like pieces that are small but when there are a lot of them. All of the small white plates lined up into a cross shape really intrigued me. The artist statement on the wall said that the 145 plates were all hand-thrown using stoneware clay and a satin white glazed fired to 2250 degrees Fahrenheit. I really liked the message of this, which is that multiple individuals can work together to produce a positive personal, social, and aesthetic experience. Many people working together can create something big and great.

Week 11- Student Interview

photo 2

This week, I interviewed Tyler Hirata, a fellow Japanese! Tyler was born in Gardena but went to elementary school in Cypress. He is full Japanese! Oh yeah i already mentioned that… He is a local and commutes to California State Long Beach majoring in Information Systems. He is currently a third year. Tyler has one younger sister. He works on campus in the Academic Services Building and in his free time, he enjoys photography, video games, hanging out with friends, and watching movies. His favorite food is pizza and he doesn’t like desserts. Tyler is scared of heights and public speaking. His favorite music is EDM music, Indie, and rap music. His favorite color is blue. Tyler was the first person I interviewed that wrote down notes on a piece of paper instead of typing it on his phone. He used to collect bugs, like stick bugs, Beatles, bugs, and silk worms.