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Artist Bridget Batch from Calarts plays with belief and intuition and the worlds created in our head. She translates this in her work through the use of photography, video, and instillation. She is confounded by both the geological (the science of earth’s structure) and cosmological (the science of the origin of the universe) forces she believes are too big for the human mind to comprehend, however, she believes that these forces do effect us subconsciously.

I believe that the work displayed in the 2014 GLAMFA art exhibit does a good job displaying Bridget’s believes in both the modern scientific world and the unknown. The artwork above displays a tent made out of aluminum foil with a small television screen inside. The title of the piece is pretty self explanatory. Many people believe that with all of the modern science and technology we have today, people are getting blinded to the natural world around us. However, i believe that no matter how far technologically advanced we continue to become, humans as a whole will never completely be blind to the natural world around us. The geological and cosmological forces, as artist Bridget Batch states, are too great of forces to be completely ignored or forgotten. No amount of technology will ever be able to compete with the forces of the universe, and even if we were robots, we would still gaze at the stars.


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