photo 3

This week I interviewed two students, Alan (left) and Troy (right). At first, it was an interpersonal conversation between Troy and I. Later, Alan asked to be part of the group as well. We started off with typical questions, where are you from, what year are you, what’s your major, what are your interests, etc. Alan is a second year from Northern California studying speech and language pathology to become a speech therapist. Troy is also a second year from San Diego majoring in Film in hopes of directing commercials in the future. It was funny in the beginning because we couldn’t find a place to sit! We wondered around the different art galleries several times before finally settling on a rock in the courtyard. 

While we were in the galleries, we came across one piece that baffled all of us. Maybe I have an extremely ignorant mind when it comes to the deep meaning of art, but none of us could figure out the piece of tissue paper taped to the wall. It was funny standing there staring at a piece of tissue paper taped on a wall trying to figure out “the deeper meaning”. Outside, we started talking about the different clubs on campus and we discovered that Alan is part of a fraternity. I asked him several different questions about the pros and cons of being part of greek life. After the interview we shared our contact information and parted ways. 



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