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Relational aesthetics deals with how artists create works that reflect on social relationships. This week, we studied the field of relational aesthetics through an Instagram “group self-portrait”. We achieved this through updating our Instagram throughout the day and using the hashtag art110f14. Afterwards, we will observe the compilation of 600+ photos that were captured to see what commonalities and differences that can be found in our group life. 

On my Instagram, I captured four photos of an adorable dog I found at the park, one of the artworks I found interesting in the 4014 GLAMFA art exhibit, my room advisor, and the Pilipino American Coalition meeting I attended. My photos compared to all of the other photos captured by the rest of the class were both similar and different. I could find several other photos of a dog, artwork, and people. Although I could find several photos of the same things, they are somehow different. Instagram is a widely used photo sharing network that lets you instantly share your daily life with the entire world. Although Instagram contains millions of photos posted by different people from around the world, many of these photos capturing the same subjects, no two photos are the same. Yes, after looking at all the different photos the images begin to blur together and it seems like no photo is unique and genuinely different from the next, but if you look closely every photo has a different story and perspective behind it. No two photo can ever be the same because the person capturing the photos are not the same. I believe that this is what sets the pictures apart. Not the picture itself but the perspective behind it. 


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