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This piece of work, titled Server and Protect the Virus (too big to succeed), was featured in the School of Art Gatov Gallery as artist Christopher Vavrek’s MFA Thesis Exhibition. Unfortunately, Christopher Vavrek was unable to make an appearance at his exhibition because of a family emergency. Luckily, he left his thesis paper on the wall to make up for his absence. I was extremely intrigued by his work and wanted to right about it because of the overwhelming amount of electronic waste used in his work. The whole gallery was filled with old old flickering televisions, projectors, medieval computers, wires, and many other old media and previously discarded materials. I wanted to learn more about the piece and was happy to read his thesis paper he left on the wall. He stated that by reusing these old materials that are easy to access and often ignored, he is able to draw to our attention to the historical implications and consumer infrastructure of our present day lives obsessed technological condition. Nowadays, everyone loves and embraces the tools and ideals given to us by modern technology, we are however unaware of the amount of outdated e-waste tonnage.

In this piece, artist Christopher Vavrek says that he identifies with the old technology he used, and aims to channel an instillation that helps us as viewers re-identify with these old devices as well. I believe that Christopher Vavrek accomplishes his goals through this piece quiet effectively. All the old technology used in the piece were at one point in time, the “latest and greatest”. However, as time passed and technology improved, these once innovative creations were swept to the sidelines and thrown away as scrap parts to make room for the new “latest and greatest” technology. This piece made me remember all of the old technology I once used and loved, but now have completely forgotten. He states in his paper that he hopes viewers will experience something through this instillation that will give these materials a different aesthetic value, and I believe he accomplished this.


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