photo 4

This week, I interviewed third year local Kevin Kwon who is currently majoring undeclared but is trying to get into mechanical engineering. I met him through a friend of mine, Rachel, who is also displayed in the picture and took a little part in our conversation. Kevin is a weightlifter from Cerritos and was nice enough to let me interview him, despite already being interviewed earlier in the day. We talked about our greatest fears, and he said his greatest fear is being in a swarm of bugs. Any type of bug, would terrify him in a swarm. He asked me if I had a bucket list, but I don’t have one. He said one thing on his bucket list would be to sky dive, but not with anyone else. He said that jumping by yourself displays a lot more bravery because it is you jumping on your own free will, and not just tagging along with someone else who does the jump. He also shared that he has a job Downtown Los Angeles in the fashion district, and that driving there is hard because he hits rush hour every time!

I told Kevin i dormed at Beachside, and he shared his first year dorming experience with me. Kevin dormed at parkside his first year and complained about what most parkside residents complain about: no air conditioning and no wifi. He no longer dorms, instead he lives at home. He says he misses dorming because he liked to be away from his parents and on his own. Although he was not much of a party guy and stayed at the dorms most of the time, he enjoyed his stay because he spent a lot of his time with friends he met in the dorms. They mostly hung out in the rooms and played games. Kevin now commutes and says that he hates finding parking before classes because it is nearly impossible.


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