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This week, I interviewed artist Scott Burns, whose abstract sculptures occupied the Werby gallery. I was quickly intrigued by the clay sculptures because of the way they portrayed actual humans. They way the sculptures were so warped and disfigured were very interesting to me, paired with the different colors they were painted, drew me into interview the artist. None of the sculptures were labeled, and the note on the wall simply stated that it is easier for the viewer to simply experience the art rather than reading about it. The lack of information further drew me to interview the artist to learn more.

The artist, Scott Burns, does not attend California State Long Beach. Instead, he attends a community college in the area and decided to sign up for the art exhibit in order to display his new pieces. He explained how he created his pieces: fully sculpted from clay incorporated with bits of broken glass, painted and glazed over. His pieces are totally done by hand. Burns gets his inspiration from a dear friend of his that passed away a few years back. He explains that his artwork was not always so abstract and compulsive, that his art used to be boring and generic. He used to try and create old classical pieces, and those were just a bust. However, after his friend passed, he began to create new art and eventually fell into what we saw at the exhibit. His favorite piece in the exhibit was the purple and black one placed in the corner of room.


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