photo 4

This week I interviewed the lovely April Gliane. April is an undeclared second year who is hoping to get into per-nursing. She is a Long Beach local who never experienced dorming; she commuted her first year and continues to do so in her second year. April is one hundred percent Filipino and could tell that i was Filipino as well! She is one of four siblings, all girls. With one older sister and 2 younger sisters, she confesses that she does suffer from the middle child complex. In high school, April was on the dance team, but unfortunately did not continue with her dancing career in college. The only other thing she says she does outside of attending college is working at Zumiez in Lakewood Mall.

One thing April noticed about me was that I had braces, and I didn’t have to tell her! She said it was because I had really straight teeth and she told me that she didn’t have braces, but she had invisalign because she had an overbite. I noticed that April was very tanned, and it’s because she goes to the beach all the time! On of her biggest pet peeves is ashy elbows, and after she said that i became very insecure about my elbows! But she told me my elbows weren’t ashy. Interesting enough, she has a fear of dogs but she has a dog herself. I questioned how that could be and she said her dog is an outdoor dog and she never plays with it or goes near it. April was a very fun girl to interview and I hope we get to talk more throughout the year!


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