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This week, unfortunately, the artists were not there for us to interview, but that’s okay! The first time I passed this piece, I did not think twice about it because all I saw was a receipt in a frame. But the second time I passed by, I took a closer look and I really liked the meaning of the piece. The name of the piece is called A Measurement of Love by artist Rosa Vasquez. It depicts a still of her mom in an interview explaining how she got over the border from Mexico, and the second piece is a receipt from her First Communion that her mother planned for her.

In the interview, her mom explains that the first time she tried to cross the border, she was caught by immigration officers and deported back to Mexico. She was not successful until she tried again two weeks later. In the still, she explains how when she was caught she was handcuffed from the neck. The receipt from her First Communion is significant because her mom always wanted her to experience it as a child, but Rosa Vasquez always denied her because she did not want to create more work for her mom. But when her mom finally did it, it meant so much to her. The reason why this piece is called a measurement of love is because Rosa’s mom has done everything she can to make her daughter’s life better. She risked everything to come to the United States to giver her daughter a better life. And even after that, her mom continues to do everything she can for her daughter. And this measurement of love, I believe, can only be shared between child and parent.


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