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This weeks activity it to create a counter factual identity. For my identity, I decided to go for a sporty, no-makeup look. Normally, I am a girl who likes to wear makeup and dress pretty girly. For this activity, I wore trainers, sports attire, tied up my hair, and wore no make up. It was a change for me considering I never really exercise or wear sports clothing, and i hardly ever leave the house without makeup on. I stood outside on campus and approached this one girl sitting on the benches. I began to have a conversation with her and pretended I just came back from the gym. I asked her what she thought my name was and she said she didn’t really have a clue. I also asked her what my major was and she oddly enough said biology. It seems like my counter factual identity was not extreme enough to make a different impression on people, even though it seemed like I really drastic change to me.


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