Week 6: A Conversation With Amir Kiani

This week, I interviewed the very interesting Amir Kiani. Amir is a third year computer science major. Amir was the first person I interviewed that had a written set of questions to ask me, and they were the most thought provoking questions I have been asked thus far. Amir defines himself as a musician, but his main love is playing the piano, which he has been playing for the past fifteen years. He is inspired by music, and some of his many favorite types of music are EDM and Rock. He even gave me a song to listen to – Lick by Cascade. I unfortunately haven’t had the time to check the song out.

Amir thinks he is very luck and blessed in his life. If he had the chance to back in time and meet any historical figure, he would go back and meet Hitler and tell him to stop with is ways! His greatest fears are failure and snakes. The reason he is scared of snakes is because in fifth grade the pet snake in the classroom climbed out of it’s cage and he found it in his desk! That would definitely scar him for life. If he could get any star to play him in his life movie, he would have Sean Connery play him as the leading role. An interesting fact about him is that in the fifth grade, he was dared to jump off of a tube slide and he broke his arm!  I think that the interview i had with Amir was the best interview I have had, I learned a lot about my fellow classmate!


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