Week 6: Labyrinth (Artist Interview)

photo 2(5) photo 1(5)

This week in the exhibit, I looked at the piece Labyrinth, by artists Angel G. Franco, Isaiah Ulloa, and Juan Martin. It was a very interesting piece with fake snow with a man laying in the center, a sculpture of a face, a dear, and a human with a dear head. One of the artists was sitting outside and I had the opportunity to interview him. Angel is a fifth year art major who decided to put on this show with a couple of his friends. He sad that their inspiration comes from the question- where can technology take us? He said he was fascinated by the 3-D printers and that everything in the piece was computer generated. The man laying in the snow? That was him! He was scanned and outlined by computers and sculpted with Styrofoam.  The face? That was his face! I think the fact that everything was computer generated made this piece that much cooler. The dear shown above is actually a scan of a dear toy. The piece as a whole took about three weeks to complete and a lot of hard work. It paid off though because Labyrinth is a really cool piece!


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