Week 7: Artist Interview

photo 2(6)

This week, I took some interest in a piece called The Afterparty by Kenita Hale. Unfortunately, she was not at the exhibit for me to interview her, but I still took a great interest in her work. The piece included a black room surrounded by drapes. Inside, there were many different altars. These altars were surrounded by candles and had a picture and a sculpture of their face attached to the altar. The room had a very weird and creepy vibe to it, and I was almost scared to be in there alone. I think what attracted me to this piece was the mysteriousness of it. I didn’t know what was in the dark room and when I went inside to find out it definitely surprised me. I did no expect a room full of altars.

I had some trouble figuring out the meaning of this piece. At first I thought they were names of famous people but I did not recognize any of the names on the altars. The paper attached to the wall did not have a description of the piece. The paper just had short phrases such as “yes to spectacle!” and “yes to trash imagery!” and many other phrases. I assume that these phrases each have something associated with the different altars. I assume, that from the name, that none of these titles matter in the afterlife. No matter what you are labeled, in the end everyone is equal and together in death, hence the name The Afterparty.


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