Week 7: Student Interview

photo 4(1)

This week, I interviewed the lovely Kiara Kensi. She is a second year majoring in finance, but hopes to get into interior design in the near future. Miss Kiara Kensi is very exploratory. She has changed her majors two times before; she wanted to get into nursing and also majored in fashion merchandising for a short time. Originally from Victorville, she currently lives in Los Angeles with her grandma and commutes to school, however she lived in the dorms during her first year and described her dorming experience as “pretty lame”. She tried to find an apartment with her ex-roommate this school year around the area, but they unfortunately could not find the right apartment because they were both very picky about finding the perfect place, and they hope to find one next school year.

Kiara has a lot of siblings. On her mom’s side, she has a younger brother and sister along with a stepbrother and stepsister. On her dad’s side, she has two younger sisters, one younger brother, and one older brother. That’s a lot of siblings! Some observations I made about Kiara was her awesome hair! It was really long and organized into many little tiny braids. I also noticed her nose piercings and she said getting it did not hurt at all, and she also asked me about my cartilage piercing and said she was interested in getting one herself. Some facts about her are that her favorite store is Urban Outfitters and some of her greatest fears include spiders and heights.


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