Week 8 Student Interview

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 2.20.29 AM

This week I interviewed the lovely Conny Ramirez! She is a first year biology major currently adjusting to her new life at Cal State Long Beach. She is a commuter from Paramount where she lives with her family, including one older brother who also attends Cal State Long Beach as a senior and a little sister who is only five years old. For this weeks interview, I asked her a lot of questions about her favorites. Her favorite food is nachos, and she loves hero movies that include The Amazing Spiderman and X-men! That’s pretty cool if you ask me. She jams out to her favorite song Enlando by Enrique Iglesias on a daily basis and her favorite color is purple. In her free time, she enjoys reading and watching shows on netflix. She enjoys a lot of different shows, but one show we had in common that we liked to watch was Teen Wolf! But we both need to catch up on the series. She also told me that dogs are her favorite animal. Naturally, like all dog lovers, she does not like cats. However, her hatred for cats only came about because she used to have many little kittens but they all died. Poor kittens! She also had many other pets including rabbits, birds, hamsters, and a lot of fish. But unfortunately, all of her pets did not make it. I can relate to her because I had many pets that did not make it and it is a very sad thing to lose pets! At the end of the interview, we exchanged emails and said our goodbyes. It was a very pleasant interview because she was such a nice girl!


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