Week 9: Artist Interview

photo 1photo 2

This week, I was very attracted to the LA art pieces created by artist Jesse Minot. In the beginning of her artist statement, she put a quote by Shelly Essak, stating that form in art helps us viewers to mentally capture the work, it helps us to understand it and analyze it. Minot’s inspiration for her pieces came from the busy and metropolitan city of Los Angeles. Los Angeles is one of if not the best known cities in the world, and growing up in Los Angeles offers many different experiences, moments, and opportunities. These paintings, Minot describes, captures these “moments” in Los Angeles. She says that the different geometric shapes and overexposed light narrates these fleeting moments and tells a cultural narrative. Yes, some people may say that Los Angeles is dirty and facing a drought, and is corrupted by politics, but it will always be beautiful against the blue sky. I really identified with this piece because I grew up in Los Angeles, and no matter how dirty the streets were or how many creepy people walked along them, there was always a beauty and culture about Los Angeles that I loved, and I think these paintings really capture that beauty.


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