Week 9: Student Interview

photo 3

This week, I interviewed Kevin Pham. Kevin is a third year majoring in computer engineering. He is an only child from Fountain Valley, California. He likes to chill and kick it with friends in his free time and works part time at a vape shop. I asked him to describe his job he said he helps people quit smoking! And he is a really good salesman. One time, a man walked in to buy one bottle of juice and he walked out with $600 dollars worth! Kevin likes to play basketball, football, and likes lifting weights. He’s those kinds of people that like to go to the beach at 6am for a morning swim. He loves the ocean, but claims that he’s afraid of what’s inside of it. He is a 6 foot 4 inch tall Vietnamese, which is very hard to come by he said. He also wears a size 14 shoe! As you can tell from the picture he is a very big guy! When it comes to food, Kevin will eat anything except fast food. The only fast food he eats is In n Out. Kevin doesn’t like spending money on clothes, but he will spend a lot of money on shoes. One interesting fact he told me about was how all of his friends share the same tattoo in the same exact spot!


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