Week 10- Student Interview

This week, I interviewed the lovely Anna Joy Floresca. I give her props for sticking around with me to interview because I was really sick and I couldn’t stop coughing! Anna is a first year who is pursuing a very hard road down pre-nursing. She even joked that she might be undeclared soon. I told her to not give up! Anna is a local who commutes to school. She really enjoys watching Korean drama and going on tumblr. Her favorite food at the moment is pho. She asked me why I choose Long Beach, I also asked her, and our answers were pretty much the same. She said because it was a good Cal-State and it was close. The number one thing on our life bucket-list is to travel to New Zealand because it has a lot of nature and she loves nature a lot. In high school she used to go hiking a lot, but now her college life is taking up too much time. Anna is full Filipino. She has two younger siblings, two brothers just like me, one brother is a senior in high school and one is eight years old. She has been to the Philippines before but she didn’t really like it because it was really tiring. Anna was a really nice girl and i’m really glad I got the chance to interview her!


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