Week 11: Artist Interview

photo 1(6) photo 2(7)

This week, the piece of art that caught my eye was a piece by Wesley Hicks. It really stuck out to me because of the contrast of the white walls with all of the different colored sculptures. All of the small sculptures with different sculptures against the white walls really grabbed my attention. The artist that worked on this piece was Wesley Hicks, but unfortunately he was not there to be interviewed, But on the artist statement against the wall, he said that his art is reflected back at the world through a hazy mirror. He said that in the idea of presenting an object infers there is underlying knowledge about it because you are presenting it. There is an authority given to the presenter that is presenting the object, Through this idea, the artist presents art with unknown origins and arranges them so that the arrangement is the only hint to signify what they are. The objects he made are very small in scale, and he said that his objects can display themselves in a way that they can interact with each other. I really enjoyed this work because of all the small different sculptures. They really spoke to me because of all the different interpretations and colors really overwhelmed me!


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