Week 11: Student Interview

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 6.21.32 PM

This week, I got to interview Jerome Guzman. We agreed to interview each other three weeks ago, but that never worked out, so I’m glad I finally got to interview! Jerome is a first year local from Long Beach, California. He went to high school at Long Beach Polytechnic, and is now majoring in Nursing at CSULB! He played basketball for two years while in high school and still continues to play today as a hobby. He is currently trying to learn how to surf as well! His favorite foods are Thai food and sushi. He is a middle child, he has on older brother and one younger brother. He doesn’t suffer from the middle child complex though! He actually really enjoys being the middle child. His first choice of school was UC Sand Diego, however he got weight listed and ended up not getting in. He regrets it because he really wanted to get out of Long Beach and live on his own, but he’s happy here at Long Beach. His greatest fear is drowning, and his favorite movie is Up! He even had a a grape soda pin on his back pack (in reference to Up). It was cute! I also liked his bucket it was very stylish. He said he was trying to be Schoolboy Q the rapper. He works at a scanning place, he said it was an office job and that it gets a little boring sometimes. He said that if he were to open up a store, it would be a drive through boba place! I thought that was a very clever idea because i love boba and I hate getting out of the car. It was really nice interviewing him!


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