Week 11: Student Choice

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This week, I decided to do ribbon leis! In high school, I used to make flower leis a lot for my older friends that were graduating, and my friends and I used to do it together! I really enjoy making flower leis because I think they are as pretty as flower leis, but unlike flower leis they don’t die after a few days. I really like ribbon leis because they last forever! And they are not that expensive to make, they just take a really long time. Its a lot of patience and repetitive movements. But since high school started, I have had no time to make any new flower leis. I even have a pink flower lei hanging on the mirror of my car.


Week 11: Artist Interview

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This week, the piece of art that caught my eye was a piece by Wesley Hicks. It really stuck out to me because of the contrast of the white walls with all of the different colored sculptures. All of the small sculptures with different sculptures against the white walls really grabbed my attention. The artist that worked on this piece was Wesley Hicks, but unfortunately he was not there to be interviewed, But on the artist statement against the wall, he said that his art is reflected back at the world through a hazy mirror. He said that in the idea of presenting an object infers there is underlying knowledge about it because you are presenting it. There is an authority given to the presenter that is presenting the object, Through this idea, the artist presents art with unknown origins and arranges them so that the arrangement is the only hint to signify what they are. The objects he made are very small in scale, and he said that his objects can display themselves in a way that they can interact with each other. I really enjoyed this work because of all the small different sculptures. They really spoke to me because of all the different interpretations and colors really overwhelmed me!

Week 11: Student Interview

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This week, I got to interview Jerome Guzman. We agreed to interview each other three weeks ago, but that never worked out, so I’m glad I finally got to interview! Jerome is a first year local from Long Beach, California. He went to high school at Long Beach Polytechnic, and is now majoring in Nursing at CSULB! He played basketball for two years while in high school and still continues to play today as a hobby. He is currently trying to learn how to surf as well! His favorite foods are Thai food and sushi. He is a middle child, he has on older brother and one younger brother. He doesn’t suffer from the middle child complex though! He actually really enjoys being the middle child. His first choice of school was UC Sand Diego, however he got weight listed and ended up not getting in. He regrets it because he really wanted to get out of Long Beach and live on his own, but he’s happy here at Long Beach. His greatest fear is drowning, and his favorite movie is Up! He even had a a grape soda pin on his back pack (in reference to Up). It was cute! I also liked his bucket it was very stylish. He said he was trying to be Schoolboy Q the rapper. He works at a scanning place, he said it was an office job and that it gets a little boring sometimes. He said that if he were to open up a store, it would be a drive through boba place! I thought that was a very clever idea because i love boba and I hate getting out of the car. It was really nice interviewing him!

Week 10 Activity- Body Landscape


This week, we did body landscaping with a corpse. I chose my death to be in a Library, because I can spend hours reading. When a new book comes out, I can sit down in spot for hours without eating, drinking, or sleeping. I just get so engrossed in a book that I can’t put it down until it’s finished! I also didn’t want to add any blood or die a violent death because that’s way to messy and gruesome for me! I wanted my death to be very peaceful and silent, and there’s nothing more silent than a library.

Week 10- Artist Interview

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This week in the galleries, the exhibit named Trepidation caught my eye. The artists that put on this exhibit are the artistic Sophia Dao, Maggie Freed, and Yee Li. Trepidation is a feeling of fear or agitation about something that may happen. The reason this piece caught my eye so much was all the shapes and angles and colors involved in the different paintings. In their artist statement, they stated that they are exploring anxiety and fear through spatial representations. The spaced that they create influence the way people choose to react to moments of trepidation. Space can be interpreted in an infinite amount of ways. Literally, mentally, emotionally, etc. Everyone reacts in a different way. There are calm moments, silent moments, chaos, and everything in between. The artists claim that their depiction of spaces resemble feelings of claustrophobia and anxiety in open and closed spaces.

Week 10- Student Interview

This week, I interviewed the lovely Anna Joy Floresca. I give her props for sticking around with me to interview because I was really sick and I couldn’t stop coughing! Anna is a first year who is pursuing a very hard road down pre-nursing. She even joked that she might be undeclared soon. I told her to not give up! Anna is a local who commutes to school. She really enjoys watching Korean drama and going on tumblr. Her favorite food at the moment is pho. She asked me why I choose Long Beach, I also asked her, and our answers were pretty much the same. She said because it was a good Cal-State and it was close. The number one thing on our life bucket-list is to travel to New Zealand because it has a lot of nature and she loves nature a lot. In high school she used to go hiking a lot, but now her college life is taking up too much time. Anna is full Filipino. She has two younger siblings, two brothers just like me, one brother is a senior in high school and one is eight years old. She has been to the Philippines before but she didn’t really like it because it was really tiring. Anna was a really nice girl and i’m really glad I got the chance to interview her!